Our Urban Choir is a “choir with a difference”.

Student testimonial “An excellent experience, lotsa fun, laughs, brilliant teachers and a great atmosphere.  I recommend Rock n Roll High to anyone with a love of music”.  Sheriden Rodgers.

We specialise in contemporary music so we will tackle the modern songs from artists like Lady Ga GA, Florence and the Machine & also throw in some retro tunes like ABBA, QUEEN & THIN LIZZY to name but a few and yes, be prepared because… WE WILL, ,  ,WE WILL ROCK YOU !


We have two choirs-

Junior Urban Choir (ages 6+) Tuesday afternoons from 4 to 5pm.

Teenior Urban Choir– Teens through to Seniors – Urban Choir (ages 12+) Tuesday nights from 6.30 to 8 pm.

Urban Choir generally runs over a ten week term.

Fee’s can be paid over the phone by using your credit card.  Please call or text Louise on 0439 959 404 to book your spot or for more details.

This will be the most fun you’ve ever had singing in a choir.

“Our aim is to help you thrive in the art form that you love”