Bass Guitar

Student testimonial- “Ian has taught me everything I know on the bass, and I had an absolute blast the entire time. I highly recommend Ian and the Rock and Roll High crew :) Mac also learned drums and he’s going great guns :)”-Cambell Baxter

Private lessons-Bass lessons are given on a one on one basis teaching all aspects of the instrument including tuning and restringing.

The bass makes up part of the “rhythm section ” of the band and you will be taught to understand how this instrument features in a band.

Lessons are tailor made to the individual student.

Technique-Students will be taught our exclusive “Map the Fingerboard” technique together with essential musicianship skills for playing any style of music.

As a student you will be encouraged to develop your own repertoire which we will balance out with a variety of songs designed to illustrate essential technique and knowledge.

All genres and techniques are taught from walking the bass to slapping.