Band Classes

Band Workshops- for everyone!


Bands are formed at the school in 2 ways. All students are invited to join a band. After all Rock ‘n Roll High is a performance school and we ardently encourage young and old to get involved in doing gigs. That can be anything from solo to ensemble. If you or your child is interested in playing in a band please let your teacher know. We will then work hard in finding a place in an existing band or form a new band. We try very hard to put students into relevant age and sex groups however, just like in the real world, there may be times when ages and sex are mixed.

The second way we organise bands is when our tutors meet together and discuss likely combinations. This is after the tutor has been with the student for usually a term and during that time has got to know the student in their aspirations and ability.

Band lessons are of a 60 minute duration.

The thrill of performing songs with your own band is what “Band Workshop” is all about.  You will have your own vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer and keyboard player.

In band coaching classes you will be taught the importance of the role you and your instrument play, as well as –

How to write original songs.

Correct use of and microphone technique.

Recording techniques.

How to get the best sound out of your instrument.

Get to play your favorite covers.

How to choose a name for your band.

How to put together a set list.

How to operate a mixing desk.

How to set your band up for a gig