Music Lessons

You ‘CAN’ Rock no matter what age you are!

BEGINNER group Music lessons allow you to discover which instrument suits you best.   When you join one of our unique ‘You CAN Rock’ programs you will be placed in an age appropriate group music class of either KIDS, TEENS or ADULTS.  These beginner group music lessons are designed to help you the beginner musician discover which instrument suits you best  ‘You CAN Rock’  groups will have you experiencing each instrument including BASS GUITAR, KEYBOARD, GUITAR and DRUMS  on a rotation basis while learning the fundamental basics of music.  Classes range in duration from 30 to 60 minutes and are grouped according to age.

‘Kids CAN Rock’ beginner group music lessons cater for ages from 4 – 6’s and 8 to 12’s, ‘Teens CAN Rock’ beginner group music lessons cater for 13 year’s to 16 year old’s while our ‘Adult’s CAN Rock’  beginner group music lessons start from age 17 year’s and up.

Beginner group music lessons for Adults, Bass guitar, Guitar, Drum, Vocal.

A young 10 year old bass student David “sits in” for our ‘Adult’s CAN Rock’ group performing at an end of term gig.



We do not force the individual into pedagogues or curriculum but rather we allow and nurture a natural progression into the wonderful world of music and all of its complexities.   Beginner group music lessons can provide a learning dynamic  which will be quite different from the intensity of a private lesson.  The encouragement of group peers will help boost music skills in a cooperative way, whilst still providing an opportunity to find what works for themselves. Learning in a group encourages creativity as individuals share their own tips and tricks for what works for them and opens up new avenues to improve techniques, performance and musicianship in general. Great and long lasting friendships are formed in music.

Students have a tendency to compete in the beginner group music lessons and this can be quite healthy, all the time encouraged to be positive and to cooperate together as a team.  This healthy competitiveness can greatly help students to learn music at a faster rate and strive to be a better musician, and while they compete with one another to be the best they are improving their own techniques at the same time, all under the guidance of a dedicated tutor.

As an adult, learning how to play an instrument is often referred to as a “brain trainer,” a way to challenge your brain in an effort to stay sharper and alert for longer. Not only is it possible for this stronger cognitive function to stave off dementia, but it will also allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life with a more active brain. Music not only makes you smarter for longer but it also makes you feel good. How good will you feel to be able to show the grandchildren your newly acquired skills and pass them on.

Teens CAN Rock all girl group performing at one of our end of term gig’s

Beginner group music lessons available on Kohon, Guitar, Keyboard and Drums

Kid’s CAN Rock 4 to 7′ year old group being coached by Music Specialist Ian Kirk.Music Lessons for all ages!