Theatre Works

Drama and Acting Audition Preparation


Rock ‘n Roll High is proud to introduce former New York actress Kristen Rogers to spearhead our brand new drama coaching classes. These classes will be perfect for young people who wish to specialise in acting as well as those musicians who recognise the value of persona in stagecraft or, who may want to pursue a career in musical theatre.

Kinder Drama

This class is a fantastic way to introduce little people to the world of theatre arts.  They will learn the very basics of performing through improvisational games and theatrical play.  At the same time they will be taught the skills to be a respectful audience member.  This type of class inspires confidence and builds little imaginations. Perfect for children with a flair for the dramatic as well as ones trying to pop out of their shells and shine.


Junior Drama 8-12

This class introduces budding performers to the world of Acting and improvising.  Kids will learn improvisational comedy through games and excercises that inspire quick thinking  and team work.  They will learn the fundamentals of reading a script and performing with emotion, diction, and projection. Most of all they will have a really great time learning to conquer their inhibitions and tap into their creative sides.  Kids will perform as well as watch their fellow classmates perform, learning to be respectful audience members as well.  A perfect class for the drama kings and queens in your life as well as the more reserved.


Senior Drama

This class is suitable for beginning performers as well as the more seasoned. We will delve a bit deeper into script work and improvisational skills. We will even be throwing in a bit of Shakespeare.  Students will learn how to add depth to characters in a scene or monologue through emotion, movement, and body language.  They will learn the importants of supporting their fellow actors, a skill important on stage and in life. Our young actors will have a blast with improvisational games and excersises, and will also get the opportunity  to perform some more advanced improvisational comedy.