Q. What certificate level can I apply for?

A. We recognise prior learning and experience. Most students will enter at the Certificate III level. However we are happy to organise an audition/interview to ascertain whether or not you have the required skills and knowledge to enter a Certificate IV level. This will require you to provide current and valid evidence of your experience. If you prefer we will organise an assessment based on:

  1. demonstration of required skills
  2. observation of required skills
  3. written questionnaire of required knowledge
  4. oral questionnaire of required knowledge

The assessment will be based on the requirements of the qualification below the certificate you will be applying for.

Q. Must I be an advanced player or singer to enrol?

A. Most students who enrol can play their instrument to a reasonable degree. However, a major component of our delivery is based on actual performance. Classroom style education that you may be used to from your school experience is replaced by an active learning environment so you will have plenty of time to advance your technical skills with your preferred instrument or voice. Also our trained teachers will provide ad hoc one on one tuition when requested.

Q. Will I be able to play more than one instrument?

A. You will have access to a wide range of instruments (including Left-Handed) and it is encouraged that you develop skills in a second (or third) instrument.

Q. Will I need to supply my own instrument?

A. The college has a large supply of instruments and as a general rule there is always an instrument available for you to use. We do allow you to bring your own where practical if you want to. Also when we are in the final stages of recording you may wish to use your own favourite instrument.

Q. What else do I need to bring to college?

A. Guitar players will need to supply their own strings/picks/tuners and capos. Drummers will need to supply their own sticks. All musicians will need to supply their own hearing protection (good quality acoustic plugs are available for purchase at the college). It is recommended that you bring your own laptop for recording and research. This is not imperative however as the college has many computers but if you wanted to record etc using your own programs it may be beneficial.

You will need a lever arch (or similar) file. A pen and notebook. An external memory disk to save work in a digital format.

Q. Do I need to learn theory?

A Yes. A major component of any music qualification is what is referred to as “Required Knowledge”. This includes knowledge of music, music technology and the business of music. However delivery of theoretical components

Q. How old must I be?

A. VET caters for people who are of an employable age which for most jobs is 14 years of age.

Q. What is the average age of students at the Southern College of Music?

A. The average age would be around 19 years old with students entering at Year 11 if still going to school. Some older students enter at around 20 to 22 years and occasionally we will have a mature age person. The student cohort changes from year to year but generally speaking the average age is around 18 to 19 years.

Q. Is the course full or part time?

A. Our course is part-time delivered and assessed over 2 Semesters.

Q. What days and times do I attend?

A. Our delivery days and times are Thursday and Friday between 9am and 3pm each day. We have a half-hour lunch break at 12pm. Students are permitted to take breaks when they wish however.

Q. How do I enrol?

A. Use our “Contact Us” tab and fill in the details. We will then contact you. It is preferred that we arrange for an interview where we can discuss in depth the details of the course. You are also able to call our office directly on 0439 959 404. Once we have our interview you will then need to complete an application for enrolment form. It is required that you pay a $500 non-refundable deposit when you submit your application form to secure your place.

Q. Do you cater for students with special needs?

A. Yes we are able to accommodate students who may need individual attention. Please call us to discuss.

Q. How do I pay for the course?

A. This will be explained in detail during our interview however the total cost of the course is divided into 4 school term instalments. We have various payment methods including credit card facilities, internet bank transfers, cheques and pay pal. We do not accept cash.

Q. Is my qualification recognised?

A. Your qualification is fully accredited and recognised throughout Australia. Every RTO and educational institution must recognise your qualification.