Encore On Keys


“Encore on Keys” & Encore on Strings Music Maestro Series”

A world-class approach to the teaching of music

Encore on Keys is a new and exciting approach to piano / keyboard learning which we combine with our very own childhood musical development program. It is a complete method that combines piano / keyboard playing with aural training and awareness, keyboard harmony, ensemble playing, rhythm development and music literacy.

This integrated approach is suitable for both private and group teaching.  Excellent for the young child aged from 4 years.  Encore on keys is an ideal way to introduce an understanding of music that will stay with your child forever.

Lessons are Australian designed and completely affordable for any family on a budget.  Children have fun while learning to play and understand music.

“Our materials possess that important quality of connecting instantly with students, parents and teachers. Connections occur on a number of levels to ensure that students thoroughly enjoy the journey of music-making and learning”.