Established in 1995 – Louise and Ian Kirk


Owners Louise and Ian Kirk

While performing in many different line-ups over the years, we decided to share our love of music with the people of the South West. Our idea was to find a really “cute” old house, paint it funky colours, gather a few of our musician friend’s together, and create a really fun and friendly music learning environment!

That was back in the 90’s…….  we now have over 200 students and we deliver VET and Certificate Courses. 

We teach all ages from 4 to 84 and believe a desire to learn and the right teacher are the two most important factors.
Rock n Roll High understands the importance of a student tutor relationship and getting on the ‘same page’ as our student. This makes us unique!  Each student is partnered to a tutor who we believe will best match your musical interest and taste. 

We feel a responsibility to our extended family and fully appreciate the trust placed in us. At Rock n Roll High we understand that every student is different and will learn and develop at a different rate.


We look forward to welcoming you to our musical family.


“Music learning supports all learning”