Introducing the Rock n Roll High family

“Music learning supports all learning”

Established in 1995 by partners in Music, Love and Life Louise and Ian Kirk
Louise and Ian Kirk

Louise and Ian

As partners in music, love and life we consider that Rock n Roll High is more than just a great place to learn music, we feel that every tutor, student and parent are an extension of our own family.  While performing in many different line ups over the years we decided to share our love of music with the people of the South West and our idea was to find a really “cute” old house, paint it funky colours, gather a few of our musician friend’s together, and create a really fun and friendly music learning environment!  We haven’t looked back ever since!

Rock n Roll High is often referred to as “family” and we love that!  We are are now teaching the children of the children we were teaching back in the 90’s! What an honour!
We feel a responsibility to our extended family and fully appreciate the trust placed in us therefore the importance of nurturing each child’s natural love for music. At Rock n Roll High we understand that every student is different and will learn and develop at a different rate.
We hand select all of our tutors to provide students with expert tuition in both individual & group music education with many of our tutors being trained and coached at RRH through our VET and Certificate Courses.  Some of our student’s and tutor’s go on to follow music careers elsewhere and in fact you may even find that your school music tutor was a student of Rock n Roll High.
We teach all ages from 4 to 84 and believe a desire to learn and the right teacher are the two most important factors.
Rock n Roll High understands the importance of a student tutor relationship and getting on the ‘same page’ as our student. This makes us unique!  Each student is partnered to a tutor who we believe will best match your musical interest and taste. With more than 15 tutors to select from this is not a difficult task.
Performance is invaluable to the developing musician and while performance is encouraged, it is NEVER forced.  Not everyone learns music to perform however if they wish to perform our  student’s have  many performance opportunities available to them. Our students are invited to many prestigious community events having shared the stage with some incredible artists over the years.   Icons such as Russell Morris, James Reyne, Hoodoo Guru’s and Jon Stevens to name a few.   Our aim is to nurture the budding musician and to create joy in learning and performing music!