Lessons Taught

Above all learning music should be fun. We believe we can achieve this whilst ensuring our students receive a quality well formed musical education in a nurturing environment.

Our vision statement is “music education for the real world”. For us this means music education that follows both contemporary and traditional methods combined into one powerful learning package. Students at our school are encouraged to actively participate in song/music choice with a strong emphasis on “ear training” which underpins all successful music coaching practice.

We are able to teach on a strong contemporary basis which includes song performance, technical skills and a thorough understanding of music “theory” according to age and relevance.

Our teachers find a path that suits the individual. We do not force the individual into pedagogies or curriculum but allow and nurture a natural progression into the wonderful world of music and all of its complexities.

You are most welcome to utilise our “Online Enrolment Service”. There are a number of options you can follow:

1. If you have any questions and would like one of our friendly staff to contact you simply complete our “Contact Us” and submit. We will then contact you.

2. If you would like to enroll please complete either the “Single Enrolment Form” or if more than one from the same family please complete the “Family Enrolment Form”. Submit the form and we will follow up.

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